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Show Title
DJ Name
Show Time
<a href="">Brunch Slow Jams</a>Christiane SwensonT 10-11am
<a href="">Midnight Snack</a>Ron AnahawR 12 am - 1amMidnight Snack! call in, ask questions and quess the snack!
<a href="!">Astrological Misconceptions!</a>Eleanor MacPheeM 11pm-12amJoin Ellie to talk about zodiac signs and how it affects our lives. Tune in Monday's 11pm-12am for astrological comedy, answering questions, and zodiac reviews!
<a href="">Afterschool Special</a>Frances ErlandsonT 7-8pmPlaying new, fun music made by people our age. Introducing people to new stuff they might not otherwise hear. Also some good old nice classics.
<a href="">Annika Kristiansen and Alexander Ging</a>Annika Kristiansen and Alexander GingSu 11am-12pm
<a href="">Tangents</a>Dylan O'HaraF 6-7pmA music show that I pretty much use as an excuse to go really deep into some genre and style and make a cool show out of it, with a different genre/style each week!
<a href="">Divertimento</a>Elise LunderT 3-4pmDivertimento is a weekly segment of classical music and lighthearted fun with an occasional theme!
<a href="">10 Things I Want You to Do</a>Ron Anahaw and Christine SikkingSa 2-3pmChristine is going to study abroad in Europe for the year while Ron continues studying at Bennington. They're going to write up a listen of ten things they want the other to do at their respective campuses--things that make up the stuff of bucket lists--and have the other record themselves doing it.
<a href="">Over Kill Hour</a>Emily HaliburtonW 6-7pmI bet you didn't know there were this many songs about grocery stores. A new theme every week, let's fixate.
<a href="">Yee Haw Junction</a>Marion WestW 7-8pmCountry music
<a href="">Farmhouse</a>Zofia NobleW 8-9pm
<a href="">Phone Zone</a>Bailey KushinskyT 10-11pmyeaaaaa baby phone zone is back and better than ever
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