To the voices of our community, we offer microphones...

Show Title
DJ Name
Show Time
Africa is not a village Sbobo Ndlangamandla M 9-10pmAfrica is not a village, it's not a country; its the second largest continent on planet earth. Come experience a glimpse of the greatness of the motherland through stories and music
Alphabet SoupRob AscherM 10-11pmAll things, alphabetically. Join Rob and a friend every week to discuss the world's greatest topics, from food to culture, in alphabetical order.
Bant-AirColin Jones and Annabelle McLennanW 11-12pmA variety talk show where strangers become friends (or lovers) and we cant get the mic to work
C-Rap RadioCarly RapoportM 5- 6pmMostly 80s (sort of)
FARMHOUSEZofia NobleTu 8-9pmbig day.... my decisions: my music! cool trucks,.. dogs! food + beverages... thank you!
Feel yourself fridayAndreea CoscaiF 3-4pmTune in every Friday to listen to the best feel-good music and hear about other people’s journeys with self-confidence and find out about the cool projects on and outside of campus! Already have a favorite show on B-RAD? Keep an eye out for collabs between your fave and the Feel Yourself Friday show, supporting each other! The FYF you won’t want to skip.
For the RecordCollette O'BrienM 7-8pmA fun little show where I bring on guests, play music related to the theme of the week, and talk about very boring things.
GANASJann MorenoM, Fri 8-9pmGANAS radio is one of the resources that the GANAS class provides for its Amigos. It is a show presented in Spanish. Typically, it takes place two days of the week. The first day is a talk show while the second is music oriented.
Heaven For Addled ImbecilesJasper MinsonM 1-2pma curated hour of music and sound to ease the pained existentialist kid in us all
Midnight Snack Olivia Keane, Ron Anahaw, and Matthias CampbellTu 12am-1pmWe eat snacks at midnight and callers guess what the snack is and if correct they come eat it with us. We talk and do skits sometimes.
Peripheral VisionAshley EscobarTh 1-2pmSongs that make us nostalgic and reminiscent for certain sights, touches, sounds, and people. People we’re not even entirely sure we miss but make us feel that certain weight in our chest that could crumble us in any second. Join us for weekly collections of our own memories and new tunes.
pickle jarGabriela YadegariW 1-2pmweekly themes addressed by you !! contribute via facebook
River RadioRiver CastanedaSun 1-2pmExploration of old and current jazz and hip hop
Talk boxMarlon HopeSat 1-2pmI talk about music and what goes into the song played on my show.
The Content FarmGrace Robbins-Somerville and Lucy BarcottTu 10-11pmA weekly call-in show discussing pop culture. Once called "the leading voices of radical vulnerability in the digital age" and also, less prestigiously, "the audio equivalent of a finsta"
The QOwen Yarmo-Gray & Teslyne JuniorSat 9:30-10:30pmTeslyne & Owen play music they like for a little while.
Truck StopGillian ConeFri 4-5pmTruck Stop is a music show that focuses on Americana, alt-country, classic country, and bluegrass. Each week's playlist has a theme that the songs generally follow (e.g. home, murder, music by women, etc.). Includes some discussion of relevant information/fun facts/history regarding the music!
Upside downSydnie Hyams and Elisha AflaloW 9-10pmWe talk about spooky stuff.
wicked soupLoretta Querceto and Neil LuczaiTh 7-8pmwe are NOT a how I met your mother fan cast, we play local music from Massachusetts and Rhode Island and sometimes talk about weird shit
World RoomTuva EidSun 3-4pmWorld Room is a show where we explore music from all over the world in geographically (or otherwise) themed episodes!
Ya Boi On Tha RadioAdam ChaseWed 2-3pmAlternative metal, hardcore hip hop, and memes with comedic interludes.