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Show Title
DJ Name
Show Time
<a href="">This Way That Way</a>Iris SalinM 1-2pm
<a href="">Bangers and Mash</a>Fiona SpieglerT 11pm-12am
<a href="">THE UNIVERSE IS HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTY AND YOU'RE INVITED</a>Hope KogodM 7-8pmJoin Hope as she screams into the emptiness of expansive space for a once-in-a-lifetime party weekly.... maybe you can close your ears and hear something fresh because the void has something to say....... beep beep...... free noise
<a href="">Blood, Sweat and Tears for fears</a>Addie MarfogliaM 8-9pmAll over radio mix of songs to make you happy, songs to make you cry and songs to make you fall in love. Heavy focus on the 80s but not too heavy.
<a href="'all-Means-All">Y'all Means All</a>Isa Garcia and Drew LuciaM 9-10pmY'all Means All is a non-genre based weekly radio show featuring the best of female and gender non-conforming musicians.
<a href="">Confusing, Contradicting, Coquette</a>Audrey KingM 10-11pmThis is an exclusively poetry radio station to slowly percolate into your psyche. It is meant to be an hour of tenderness, sensuality, and angst. Allow me to work through the work, and I hope you give yourself the space to do so as well.
<a href="!">Astrological Misconceptions!</a>Eleanor MacPhee and
Gabriela Yadegari
M 11pm-12amA comedy show filled with horoscopes, advice and info about the stars!
<a href="">Anne Thompson</a>Anne ThompsonT 2-3pm
<a href="">Let the Love Flow On</a>Isabella CassanoT 3-4pmLovingly crafted playlists with a peppering of readings, original work, guests, and collage like sonic expeditions
<a href="">Afterschool Special</a>Frances ErlandsonT 7-8pmPlaying new, fun music made by people our age. Introducing people to new stuff they might not otherwise hear. Also some good old nice classics.
<a href="">GANAS</a>T 8-9pm
<a href="">Phone Zone</a>Bailey KushinskyT 10-11pmyeaaaaa baby phone zone is back and better than ever
<a href="">Midnight Snack</a>Ron AnahawW 12 am - 1amMidnight Snack! call in, ask questions and quess the snack!
<a href="">Collilah's Killer Classics</a>Collette O'Brien and Delilah Silberman
W 2-4pm
<a href="">Welcome to the Wild West</a>Marion WestW 7-8pmCountry music
<a href="">Farmhouse</a>Zofia NobleW 8-9pm
<a href="">Bad Music</a>Charlie SmithW 9-10pm
<a href="">Henry's Show</a>Henry MunsonW 10-11pm
<a href="">Kid Life Crisis</a>Julian RosenbloomW 11pm-12amElementary School Dropout
<a href="">Wise Guys</a>Kevin Giligan and BookerR 12-1am
<a href="">Pickle Jar</a>Gabriela YadegariR 2-3pm
<a href="">The Emma & Haley Podcast</a>Emma Salazar and Haley BarbieriR 3-4pmEmma and Haley will be hanging out weekly to play games, talk about life, and have fun.
<a href="">Alumni Rockstarz</a>Matt Scott and Sam ClamentR 4-5pm
<a href="">Public Policy Forum</a>CAPAR 7-9pm
<a href="">Psychic Sisters</a>Iris Salin and Marion WestR 9-10pm👁️ 😈 👁️
<a href="">Room 13</a>Izzy Ioffreda R 10-11pm. I will talk about the music. Some of the music will be my music. Some of the music will be the music of my friends. All genres!!! I am a non exclusive urban mom or big baby u decide ;).
<a href="">Bant Air</a>Colin Jones and Annabelle McLennanR 11pm-12am
<a href="">Grace and Malach</a>Grace Morris and Malach F 1-2pm
<a href="">Podcast Slot</a>Podcast slotF 2-3pm
<a href="">Bops Bangers and Jams</a>Jake HausthorF 3-4pm
<a href="">Tangents and Mixtapes</a>Dylan O'HaraF 6-7pmA music show that I pretty much use as an excuse to go really deep into some genre and style and make a cool show out of it, with a different genre/style each week!
<a href="">GANAS Music</a>F 7-8pm
<a href="">Elmina's Variety Show</a>Elmina DavidF 8-9pm
<a href="">Have You Heard</a>Matt and MaithiasF 9-10pm
<a href="">Musicradio 777</a>Tonie GrisantiSa 1-2pm
<a href="">Tallulah</a>Tallulah Novogratz and MarthaSu 6-7pm
<a href="">We'd Like to Give You Advice</a>Michelle Cirillo and Olivia SaporitoSu 9-10pm
Past Show Archives
<a href="">Clam Jams</a>Iris Salin 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
<a href="">Divertimento</a>Elise Lunder
<a href="">New Bjork Nicks</a>Clark Glennon