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Show Title
DJ Name
Show Time
<a href="">Bummertown</a>Eliza HesslegraveM 12-1 am
<a href="'s-Science-Corner">Kendra and Emma's Science Corner</a>Emma Salazar and Kendra OuelletteM 1-2pm
<a href="">Hope Kogod</a>Hope KogodM 7-8pm
<a href="">Hopeless Romantic</a>Addie MarfogliaM 8-9pm
<a href="">Disco Disco Disco</a>Clark GlennonM 9-10pm
<a href=",-Contradicting,-Coquette-">Confusing, Contradicting, Coquette</a>Audrey KingM 10-11pm
<a href="!">Astrological Misconceptions!</a>Eleanor MacPhee and
Carlota Gamboa
M 11pm-12amJoin Ellie and Charlie to talk about zodiac signs and how it affects our lives. Tune in Monday's 11pm-12am for astrological comedy, answering questions, and zodiac reviews!
<a href="">!zz!</a>Izzy IoffredaT 12-1am!!!!!!?!!!!!!!
<a href="">Psychic Sisters</a>Iris Salin and Marion WestT 1-2pm👁️ 😈 👁️
<a href="">True Logic</a>Mari SchiffT 4-5pm
<a href="">Matt and Matthias</a>Matt Guyotte and Matthias CampbellT 6-7pm
<a href="">Afterschool Special</a>Frances ErlandsonT 7-8pmPlaying new, fun music made by people our age. Introducing people to new stuff they might not otherwise hear. Also some good old nice classics.
<a href="">GANAS</a>T 8-9pm
<a href="">Phone Zone</a>Bailey KushinskyT 10-11pmyeaaaaa baby phone zone is back and better than ever
<a href="">Fiona Spiegler</a>Fiona SpieglerT 11pm-12am
<a href="">Kevin Gilligan</a>Kevin GiliganW 12-1am
<a href="">Scott Forlin</a>Scott ForlinW 1-2am
<a href="">Pam Air</a>Syd Miller and Henry JohnstonW 2-3am
<a href="'s-Killer-Classics">Collilah's Killer Classics</a>Collette O'Brien and Delilah Silberman
W 2-3pm
<a href="">Pickle Jar</a>Gabriela YadegariW 3-4pm
<a href="'all-Means-All">Y'all Means All</a>Isa Garcia and Kaitlin Turner-Simotics W 4-5pm
<a href="">Over Kill Hour</a>Emily HaliburtonW 6-7pmI bet you didn't know there were this many songs about grocery stores. A new theme every week, let's fixate.
<a href="">Yee Haw Junction</a>Marion WestW 7-8pmCountry music
<a href="">Farmhouse</a>Zofia NobleW 8-9pm
<a href="">Bad Music</a>Charlie SmithW 9-10pm
<a href="'s-Show">Henry's Show</a>Henry MunsonW 10-11pm
<a href="">Kid Life Crisis</a>Julian RosenbloomW 11pm-12amElementary School Dropout
<a href="">Midnight Snack</a>Ron AnahawR 12 am - 1amMidnight Snack! call in, ask questions and quess the snack!
<a href="">DJ Nay Nay</a>Nathan CopperwheatR 1-2am
<a href="!">Oh My Lanta!</a>Maegan GeorgeR 12:30-1:30pm
<a href="">Divertimento</a>Elise LunderR 4-5pmDivertimento is a weekly segment of classical music and lighthearted fun with an occasional theme!
<a href="">Tallulah</a>Tallulah NovogratzR 6-7pm
<a href="">Public Policy Forum</a>CAPAR 7-9pm
<a href="'s-the-Happy-House">It's the Happy House</a>Isabella CassanoR 9-10pm
<a href="">Reality Control</a>Sebastian LaMontagne and Nick HenneseyR 10-11pm
<a href="">Marie Boucher</a>Marie BoucherR 11pm-12am
<a href="">Welcome To Fruit</a>Maxwell FryF 12-1amA show about were me and sometimes a guest talk about cryptids, conspiracy theories, and the songs we dedicate to them.
<a href="">Sound Advice</a>Georgia WilliamsF 11-12pmSound Advice is a talk show dedicated to answering questions about social situations, relationships, and personal dilemmas. Those who wish to receive a reply from me may post anonymously to this tumblr account: or call in.
<a href="">Northwest Passage</a>Lucy BarcottF 12-1pmNORTHWEST PASSAGE is a music show highlighting the music of the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon). The show hopes expand people's ideas of what kind of music exists in the PNW, and especially highlight new music from women, POC, and queer people from the region who might otherwise be overlooked.
<a href="">Clam Jams</a>Iris Salin F 1-2pm🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
<a href="">Podcast Slot</a>Podcast slotF 2-3pm
<a href="">Bops Bangers and Jams</a>Jake HausthorF 3-4pm
<a href="">Tangents</a>Dylan O'HaraF 6-7pmA music show that I pretty much use as an excuse to go really deep into some genre and style and make a cool show out of it, with a different genre/style each week!
<a href="">YFab</a>Christiane SwensonF 7-8pm
<a href="">Elmina David</a>Elmina DavidF 8-9pm
<a href="">New Bjork Nicks</a>Clark GlennonSa 11am-12pm
<a href="">Musicradio 777</a>Tonie GrisantiSa 1-2pm
<a href="">Shachi Mokashi</a>Shachi MokashiSa 7-8pm
<a href="">Sam Boyle and James Leo</a>James Leo and Sam BoyleSu 1-2am
<a href="">Scoop and Dandy</a>Annika Kristiansen and Alexander GingSu 11am-12pm
<a href="">Versus</a>Rob Ascher and Sophia GasparroSu 12-1pm
<a href=""></a>Tim and JaredSu 6-7pm
<a href="">Neighborhood Thieves</a>Ethan Koss-SmithSu 7-8pm
<a href="">Ha Ha Sound</a>Drew LuciaSu 9-10pmstrange wonderful sounds from all over, past n' present. will also feature artists slated to perform at bennington!
<a href="">Sophie Richardson</a>Sophie RichardsonSu 11pm-12am