To the voices of our community, we offer microphones...

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12:00 AM "Bummertown" Eliza Hesselgrave"" Izzy Ioffreda Kevin Gilligan"Midnight Snack" with Ron Anahaw"Welcome To Fruit" Maxwell Fry
1:00 AM Scott Forlin
"DJ Nay Nay" Nathan CopperwheatSam Boyle and James Leo
2:00 AM Henry Johnston and Syd Miller
3:00 AM
4:00 AM
5:00 AM
6:00 AM
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Democracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy Now
11:00 AM "Sound Advice" Georgia Williams
"New Bjork Nicks" Clark Glennon"Scoop & Danty" Annika Kristiansen and Alexander Ging
12:00 PM 12:30-1:30 "Oh my Lanta" Maegan George"NORTHWEST PASSAGE" Lucy Barcott
"Versus"Rob Ascher and Sophia Gasparro
1:00 PM "Kendra and Emma's Science Corner." Emma Salazar and Kendra Ouellette "Psychic Sisters" Marion West and Iris Salin"Clam Jams" Iris Salin"Musicradio 777" Tonie Grisanti
2:00 PM "Collilah's Killer Classics" Collette O'Brien and Delilah Silberman
Podcast Slot
3:00 PM Gabriela Yadegari"Bobs, Bangers and Jams" Jake Hausthor
4:00 PM "True Logic" Mari Schiff
"Y'all Means All" Kaitlin Turner-Simotics and Isabel Garcia
"Divertimento" Elise Lunder
5:00 PM Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist Dinnertime Playlist
6:00 PM Matt Guyotte, Matthias Campbell"Over Kill Hour" Emily Haliburton Tallulah"Tangents" Dylan O'HaraTim and Jared
7:00 PM Hope Kogod
"Afterschool Special" Francis Erlandson"Yee-haw Junction" Marion WestPublic Policy Forum"YFab" Christiane Swenson Shachi mokashi
"Neighborhood Thieves" Ethan Koss-Smith
8:00 PM "Hopless Romantic" Addie Marfoglia GANAS
"Farmhouse" Zofia NobleElmia David
9:00 PM "Disco Disco Disco" Clark Gennon"Pilot Program" Owen Gerber-Hatem "Bad Music" Charlie Smith"It's the Happy House" Isabella cassano"Haha Sound" Drew Lucia
10:00 PM "Confusing, Contradicting, Coquette." Audrey King"Phone Zone" Bailey Kushinsky"Henry's Show" Henry Munson "Post-Truth Post Presents: Reality Control" Sebastian LaMontagne and Nick Hennesey
11:00 PM "Astrological Misconceptions!" Eleanor MacPhee and
Carlota Gamboa
Fiona Spiegler"kid life crisis" Julian RosenbloomMarie BoucherSophie Richardson